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By Me Monique

By Me Monique Podcast is the podcast where Digital MarketingSEO Strategy x Graphic Design meet story time. Every episode is full of heart and truth.


I enjoy writing, and I love to talk. I believe that every content platform allows you to show a different skill set.


Storytelling is one of my "skills" LOL. Just ask my friends. I can make a story out of the shortest encounters. In these episodes, I will share the stories that happen in the process of building my Digital Marketing Agency.


You will be surprised at how many "funny" client experiences and lessons learned take place at the beginning of your online  entrepreneur journey. Can you remember your first client? Do remember how you felt when someone didn't think you were great? Do you remember the first time a client stood you up? I see you remembering.


That's not all. By Me Monique is also your Small Business Digital Marketing tour guide. I will share my opinions and suggestions on the latest Web Design Updates and Digital Marketing trends. Networking, sharing, and caring...are the values of By Me Monique.


Talking directly to your potential clients is the most effective way to support their goals. Helping them meet goals helps you meet your goals. Working together means that we ALL get paid. Be sure to visit my content below:








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